Co-Curricular Activities

We at Oxford Public School resort to innumerous types of Co-Curricular Activities which are intellectual, physical, spirituals in nature. Regular Debate competitions, Quizzes, Science exhibitions and Workshops, Literary exercises, Mathematical drills and innumerable other activities are carried out throughout the year. The whole objective of all these activities is to create wonderful level of self confidence, self esteem and proficiency in the students.

  • Yoga -Human value, self realization and character building stories.
  • Singing / Dance -folk stories and puppets
  • Painting - Home areas : kitchen corner
  • Clay Modeling and poetry - Movies / Av facilites
  • Splash pool - Library / Reading corner / Story telling area
  • Skates 
  • Nature walk
  • Gardening, planting, saplings - thinking room
  • Music with music instrument
  • Theater roll play