Physical Education

Physical EducationHealthy mind dewlls in a healthy Body   This is a rightly said proverb that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Our Indian culture also focuses on this system.  For example. If any person is not healthy, he can not do any thing. His mind does not work properly, he can not do any think well. To avoid such circumstances, you should follow certain rules.

These rules are as follows:  

  1. You should make habit of excercise regularly.    
  2. Try to have a proper diet schedule.  
  3. Diet should be in parts. Such as Taking juice in the morning, taking fruits with breakfast, and a proper meal at night with milk.  
  4. There should be a fixed schedule of sleeping and waking. There should be a sound sleep at night.    
  5. Some people work late night. They should give proper timing.  

Here are some proverbs related to health. These proverbs are very attractive. One should follow these proverbs to improves his or her lifestyle.   Consider the following proverbs:    

  1. Early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy wealth and wise.    
  2. Heath is wealth.    
  3. A healthy mind dewlls in a healthy body.  

We build such thoughts in our students that they keep their body healthy for their success in life.

Physical Education