A little girl once saw a wet sticky caterpillar which was trying to come out from cocoon. She kept watching with wonder. The caterpillar gradually tried and spread out its wings, watching them to dry. In order to help caterpillar, she brought a fan to hasten the process and enabled the caterpillar to dry the wings faster with ease.

The caterpillar's wings were dying unevenly in haste and did not open at all. The caterpillar topped over but could never fly as butterfly.

The girl learnt a huge lesson that nature has a very aware and conscious process according to natural needs and growth pattern of the child. It cannot be as what we think. It should be at our continue time and according to our real expectations.

The little girl was Dr. Matia Montessori whose love and sensitivity towards the psychic care of the child compactly revolutionized for the way child is perceived and interacted with.
We have an international training program for teachers to deal with the child with absolute sensitivity, with precise knowledge of what to do and most vitally when to do.

At Oxford Public Nursery School we understand the childs stages of development, the pace they require and when to let go and wait for natural miracles to express themselves.

The child is the most precious and valuable gift for our lives. All our aims, purposes, choices, decisions change as we become parents. The focus and center of our lives change completely, being sensitive to this fact. We have created our environment in such a way that our child deserves for best on that you can trust, that expresses your love and our care and concern. Our aim is to make oxford public school the best school in India.

  • Special Featured
  • Multicultural exposure.
  • Opportunities for vertical grouping.
  • Focused on grooming, etiquettes, social and table manner.
  • Focused on human values, build characters, environment al challenges and respect that lead to world peace.

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Uklana Mandi, Hissar